Enter your dance crew or school dance group into Hawke's Bay's only Regional Street Dance Competition! 

This event which is run by Rezpect was postponed earlier in the year due to covid but we are excited to be running this event on the new date of Friday 13th May at the Toitoi Opera House, Hastings

Enter for the chance to win the title of champion and to showcase your talent on stage!

Tickets on sale Thursday 14th April through www.eventfinda.co.nz

To register, fill out the registration form below.


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Registration complete.


These are the official rules and guidelines for 'Hawke's Bay Street Dance Competition' 2022


All entries must complete the registration form below.

The registration fee for this event is $20 per dancer.
You will be sent an invoice after you register your entry.

Registrations close on Wednesday 11th May.


Entrants must compete within their age division. Age restrictions are be based on a dancer's age during the competition year.
Example: A 12 year old who is turning 13 within the competition year can compete in either the Junior or Varsity age division as they were both ages within the competition year.

Age Divisions:

  • Junior (12 & under)
  • Varsity (13-17 years old)
  • Open (Must have 1 dancer aged 18+)

Each crew entered must have between 4 - 12 dancers.

Entries must meet the music time length requirements or they will be disqualified.

Time length:

  • Junior: 1min 20sec - 1min 40sec*
  • Varsity: 1min 50sec - 2min 10sec*
  • Open: 1min 50 sec - 2min 10sec*

*A 5 second grace period above or below required music time length applies.

Music must be submitted by Wednesday 11th May via email or the Dropbox Link below and must not contain any lewd or sexual references. 
Email: admin@rezpect.nz
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/

After submission, your music will be checked to make sure it meets the required time length and does not contain lewd or sexual references. If your music does not meet these requirements, you will need to correct your music before the competition night or you crew will be disqualified. 


5.1 Attire

Appropriate under garments must be worn by all Crew members both male and female, at all times. The showing of stomachs, buttocks and chest is not encouraged.

Clothing too short and/or too tight will be scrutinized and may be deemed inappropriate especially for overexposure of certain areas of the body and/or age appropriateness and could receive a deduction.

Any attire which falls to the ground throughout a performance will incur a deduction of -0.05 per occurrence. This deduction applies to any items that is a part of the dancer’s outfit or props that are used. This does not apply to items placed on the performance area during the performance but bear in mind that items need to be placed safely or a deduction for unsafe prop or attire use may apply.

5.2 Props

Props are permitted as long as they do not affect the performance surface. Props that may affect the performance area include but are not limited to confetti, glitter and liquids.

The set up time and pack down for any props must be under 10seconds.

The definition of a prop is anything that is not a part of your clothing.

Props and clothing can be moved and placed on the performance area throughout the performance but must not be deemed ‘dangerous’ by the judges or a deduction of -0.1 will apply per occurrence.

To be deemed ‘dangerous’ a prop’s location, placement and or use has to have the potential to cause serious harm to a dancer, regardless of whether or not an incident happens. This is to encourage safe practice.

5.3 Tricks and Stunts

Tricks and stunts are allowed but may incur a deduction should they be deemed unsafe by the judges. To be deems unsafe, a trick or stunt will be measured by whether or not they have the possibility to cause serious injury or harm to a dancer. These types of movements should be well considered before being added to a routine.

5.4 Dancer’s exiting the stage

Dancers in all divisions must remain on stage for the entirety of their performance.


Our 2022 judges are Daphne Seyb (More than Moves, Wellington), William Rakena (Swagganauts, Auckland) and Kim Evans (Freshmans, Auckland)

6.1 Judges Criteria

Creativity / Choreography - How creative are your ideas / choreography, levels, stage use, transitions to and from the ground, formations/ideas.            / 10

Showcasing 3x identifiable styles of Street Dance Styles. 1 Style (3 points) / 2 styles (6 points) 3 styles (10 points)                     / 10

Synchronisation / Execution - Being in sync with each other. Executing / Completing movements in full                   / 20

Stage Presence / Projection - Having the presence of a street dancer, confidence, intensity, and projecting it out into the audience.                    / 20

Musicality - How well the dance relates / is used with the music. Using different beats and sounds (not just the simple beats)                    / 20

Entertainment / Crowd - Impacting the audience (not about crowd applause but entertainment factor)        / 10

Appearance -  Apparel / does the entry's uniform and appearance represent street dance / their dance piece               / 10

6.2 Deductions
Fall trip or stumble/per occurrence – Major -0.1
Fall trip or stumble/per occurrence – Minor – 0.05

Music under minimum or over maximum length by more than 5 seconds - Disqualification 

Sexual and lewd gestures or movements/per occurrence – 0.05

Unsafe use –0.1 per occurrence

Clothing/attire inappropriate – 0.05
Use of body oils or other substances that affect the performance area – 0.05
Unsafe placement or use per occurrence –0.1

Dancer’s exiting the stage during a performance –  Disqualification (unless exiting due to injury)

By participating in this event, you are giving the organisers, Rezpect, permission to use images and videos of your performance for promotional purposes. 

By participating in this event, you agree that the judge's decision is final. 


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