RDA 2 the USA is a three-week dance tour which is run by Rezpect Dance Academy. This tour usually happens every 2 years. This coming year will be our 4th RDA 2 USA.

The aim of this trip is to up-skill dancers and open their eyes to the wider world of Street Dance.
During this trip, time will be spent in LA taking classes at some of the most renowned dance studios, dance conventions and dance events.

We will enjoy seeing the sights of Hollywood, L.A. Anaheim, Santa Monica and spend a night or two away in Las Vegas.
As a part of this trip, we will also attend the Hip Hop International World Championships in Pheonix, Arizona.

Applications for this tour are open to anyone aged 13+ years old at the time of the trip.

Applications are open until 8th January 2023. 

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