Calling ALL young bands, singers, poets, comedians, dancers, actors, musicians, individuals, groups + anyone with an inch of talent to sign up! On the 25th of June, Rezpect will be running 'Versus Talent Quest' at the Toitoi Opera House, Hastings

Enter for the chance of winning the grand prize of $500 for first place in each age division! Age Divisions: Primary/ Intermediate/ High school.

To enter, you must audition by sending through a video of your entry no later than 11 pm, Friday 10th of June. Those selected to compete will be notified by Monday the 13th of June, however, the earlier you get your submission in, the earlier you will find out if you have made it through to compete on stage at Toitoi Opera House.

Fill out the form below and click on the video submission link to upload your video in our Dropbox Folder. If you have any questions, please contact us. 


These are the official rules and guidelines for 'Versus Talent Quest' 2022

1) Entrants must compete within the age division of their oldest participants. For example, if you entry has Primary and Intermediate age participants, you must compete within the Intermediate age group. 

2) Entries must not be longer than 5 minutes. There is no minimum time length required. 

3) All entries must not contain any offensive or course language. 

4) All participants must wear appropriate clothing - this is a family show. 

5) All entries must provide their own instruments if applicable. 

6) The set up and pack down time for your entry cannot be more than 30 seconds. 

7)Your entry cannot effect the surface of the stage. For example water, paint, glitter etc. 

8) By participating in this event, you are giving the organisers, Rezpect, permission to use images and videos of your performance and audition submission video for promotional purposes. 

9) We aim to have judges with backgrounds in a wide range of performing arts. By participating in this event, you agree that the judges decision is final. 


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Registration Complete. If you haven't already, don't forget to submit an audition video through Dropbox using the button at the top of the form!


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